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Uniform Policy

The Terrebonne Parish School Board believes that a mandatory school uniform policy will provide a more secure school environment, promote an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and connotations associated with various types of clothing.

The policy of the School Board shall be that no mode of attire will be considered proper for school wear that distracts from or disrupts classroom and school decorum. No student shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign or other things which are evidence of affiliation with drugs, alcohol, violence or gang-related activities or exhibits profane or obscene language/gestures. The principals of each school will make the final decision as to what is considered proper or improper dress according to the guidelines provided. Any substantial complaint concerning the dress code shall be dealt with by the school administration.

All students attending Terrebonne Parish Schools are required to adhere to the Board's mandatory uniform policy. The complete Uniform Policy can be found on TPSD's Homepage. 

Uniform - Schriever Elementary (Pre-K , K-3)

White or navy blue shirt (oxford, broadcloth, or knit; no monogram or logos)

  • Shirts must have sleeves and a collar. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • The dress code also allows turtlenecks. 
    • Turtlenecks shall be white with no monograms, no name brands, and no logos. 
    • Turtlenecks do not have to be worn under a uniform shirt. 

Navy uniform pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, or jumpers

  • Pants must be of uniform type – full length and hemmed. 
  • Pleated, not pleated, and/or cuffed styles are allowed. 
  • Shorts may not extend below the knee. 
  • Cargo pants, jumpsuits, overalls, coveralls, and pants of denim material are not allowed!

Belts must be worn if pants, shorts, etc. have belt loops.


Students are encouraged to wear socks. When socks are worn, they may be any color and have stripes or logos as long as they are  not distracting. Leggings or stockings, however, must be a solid color.


Shoes must be closed toe and back.


Outerwear: Pull over, long sleeve sweatshirts must be solid black, white, navy, khaki, or gray

  • Sweatshirts must have a ribbed collar, wrists, and waist.
  • Outerwear must possess no labels, logo, print, or embroidery except for Schriever Elementary logo.
  • No other emblem or writing, other than the Schriever Elementary logo, may be on any shirt, sweatshirt, or outerwear.

Spirit Shirt

Students may wear their spirit shirts on Wednesdays and Fridays with uniform bottoms.

Dress Code Violations

FIRST OFFENSE: Record in grade book, warned (student should be sent to the office to call home to correct the infraction).

SECOND OFFENSE: Dress code letter sent to parent, an appropriate school consequence, and correction of infraction.

THIRD OFFENSE: Office referral, parent conference required, and correction of infraction.

FOURTH OFFENSE: Office referral, parent notification, Saturday School or in-school Suspension, and correction of infraction.

FIFTH OFFENSE: Office referral, parent notification, one (1) day out-of-school Suspension, and correction of infraction.

SIXTH OFFENSE: One (1) day out-of-school Suspension with a mandatory parent conference.