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Brandi Besharatpour

Karen Bourg

Megan Boudoin

Kristal Eimer

Ellen LeBlanc

Melissa Leger




Students in Mrs. Bourg's and Mrs. Besh's class attended a field trip to LUMCON in Cocodrie on February 11.

Lumcon 2
Lumcon 3
Students of the Month


  • Jai Lobos
  • Brooke Brown
  • Lyric Landry
  • Arly Guerrero
  • Jamari Smith
  • Nalaeya Lyon


  • Madeleine Boudreaux
  • Kamari Brown
  • Jayden Burrell
  • Travonne Jones
  • Allison Velasquez
  • Byron Peters


  • Landry Bourque
  • Xylon Walker
  • Darius Badeaux
  • Brianna Johnson
  • Natalie Johnson
  • Kaden Guidry


  • Joshua Kreamer
  • Keondre Winslow
  • Brianna Dumond
  • Gavin Williams
  • BrennanKreamer
  • Chassidy Verdin


  • Wesley Valsin
  • Alexis Usie
  • Zion Cook
  • Michelle Stokes
  • Netdraionna Rounds


  • Kailee Matte
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Ava Eschett
  • Karson Davis
  • Delani Urps
  • Alex Pellegrin


  • Brooke Brown
  • Joseph Boudreaux
  • Peyton Himel
  • Madeline Stephens
  • Layla Callahan


  • Carter Bourg
  • Juan Garcia
  • Logan Garivey
  • Nahla Adams
  • Omori Ross
  • Mayson Hawkes

Third Grade

3rd Grade Goals

LEAP 2025

LEAP 2025 will be administered in the spring in ELA, Math, and Social Studies.

  • The ELA assessment will test the areas of literary text, informative text, vocabulary, written expression, and knowledge and use of writing conventions. 
  • The LEAP 2025 Math assessment will assess areas of major content, additional and supporting content for grade 3, expressing mathematical reasoning, and modeling and application.
  • This year the newly developed LEAP 2015 Social Studies assessment will be given to students in grade 3 as well. This assessment will test the areas of history, geography, economics, and civics as aligned to the Social Studies Louisiana Standards for Grade 3.

Students will also be assessed in science this school year. The iLEAP will be administered to our grade 3 students in the spring, as well. 

Parent Guide to the 2018-2019 LEAP Test

The Department has released the Parent Guide to the 2018-2019 LEAP Tests to support parents in helping their child prepare for this year’s assessments. The guide, available in the Family Support Toolbox, includes helpful information on test schedules, testing times and resources such as practice tests and released test items to support student learning at home.

Terrific Kids

A student from each homeroom is selected to represent their class as the “Terrific Kid”.  These students display the following characteristics thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, influential, friendly, impeccable, and caring.   Students are recognized by the Kiwanis Club of Houma at a special awards program held at school at the end of each nine weeks.