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Third Grade

Third Grade Goals | 2017-18

At the end of the 2017-18 school year...

...75% of third graders will score proficient on the ELA LEAP assessment.

...75% of third graders will score proficient on the Math LEAP assessment.

...75% of third graders will score proficient on the Social Studies assessment. 


Grade Level News

Our third graders have jumped into the new year with a BIG splash! Third graders will continue to strive for success in their academics by practicing new skills. Students will begin to grow and become independent as the year progresses. Students will begin to track their own classroom data being able to show how they are improving in their academics. Students will continue to practice skills through their Reading Comprehension, Math, and Social Sciences. Our students will work very hard throughout the year in order to succeed on the LEAP test. To prepare them, our lessons and assessments reflect questions and directions that will be on the LEAP test. For example: 

  • Part A/Part B Questions... Students answer the first part of the question, Part A. Then, they answer the second part of the question, Part B. Making sure, Part B supports, or gives evidence, for Part A.
  • Multiple Select Questions... "Which two details best support..." Students fill in two (or more) bubbles for one question. 
  • Citing Sources... Students look over and/or read about the attached "Sources". Then, using what they have read or seen, they answer questions and write a lengthy response in complete sentences. They must remember to look back at the source for their response. 
  • Constructed Written Responses... Students are given a story, and after reading the story, they are given a "Prompt" to reply to. Directions are always given, explaining what is expected to be in the writings. Rubrics are also always attached that help students further understand what exactly is expected of them. 

Students have been and will continue to be exposed to these types of questions in every bell ringer, lesson, review, and assessment. Encouragement and support with homework is imperative to ensure our students' success! Thank you for working with us. We are looking forward to an exciting 1st 9 Weeks.

LEAP 2025

LEAP 2025 will be administered in the spring in ELA, Math, and Social Studies.

  • The ELA assessment will test the areas of literary text, informative text, vocabulary, written expression, and knowledge and use of writing conventions. 
  • The LEAP 2025 Math assessment will assess areas of major content, additional and supporting content for grade 3, expressing mathematical reasoning, and modeling and application.
  • This year the newly developed LEAP 2015 Social Studies assessment will be given to students in grade 3 as well. This assessment will test the areas of history, geography, economics, and civics as aligned to the Social Studies Louisiana Standards for Grade 3.

Students will also be assessed in science this school year. The iLEAP will be administered to our grade 3 students in the spring, as well. 

Parent Guide to the 2017 LEAP Test

The Department has released the Parent Guide to the 2017 LEAP Tests to support parents in helping their child prepare for this year’s assessments. The guide, available in the Family Support Toolbox, includes helpful information on test schedules, testing times and resources such as practice tests and released test items to support student learning at home.

Terrific Kids

A student from each homeroom is selected to represent their class as the “Terrific Kid”.  These students display the following characteristics thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, influential, friendly, impeccable, and caring.   Students are recognized by the Kiwanis Club of Houma at a special awards program held at school at the end of each nine weeks.