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Student Progress Center

Parents/Guardians of children attending Terrebonne Parish Schools will be able to track their children’s progress by connecting to the Student Progress Center.  This website will allow a parent/guardian to check a child’s attendance, grades, discipline, transcript, and state tests scores in “real time.”  As soon as data is entered on a student at school, it is available on the Student Progress Center.

If you have any questions concerning the Student Progress Center that cannot be answered by the information here, please contact your child’s school.


Parents/guardians of students in the Terrebonne Parish School System now have access to the Student Progress Center which will display student data.

For security reasons, the person accessing the student data must supply information that matches the data in the student database. This information is provided by for your child’s school.


First Time User Instructions

1. Click the Student Progress Center link located on the left sidebar under 'Parent Resources Locker'.  The link is also located on this website's homepage.

2. Click Register a New User.

3. Use the pull down arrow to select the relationship to the student. The Parent First and Parent Last Name must be as they appear in the student database. This information is provided by the child’s school.

4. The Parent Security Number (PSN) must be entered as it appears in the student database. This is also provided by the child’s school.

5. Click Submit.


Using Student Progress Center

1. Click the Student Progress Center link which is under the Parents tab on this website.

2. Click Sign In.

3. Select the student by clicking on the student’s name on the right side of the screen.

4. The following TABS are available to display data:

Attendance – student’s attendance record

Comment – student’s progress report and report card comments including conduct grades posted by the teacher(s)

Discipline – student’s discipline record

Grades – student’s current grades for each course

Lessons – student’s assignment grades/scores for the current marking period for each course

Progress – student’s detailed progress report for each course for the year

Transcript – current transcript for high school students

Curriculum – high school student’s grade records for the years in high school

Other – information about the school, grading periods, school calendar, etc.

Tests – student’s standardized test scores


Linking Multiple Students

1. Click the Student Progress Center link which is under the Parents tab on this website.

2. Click Sign In.

3. Click the Link Students button on the bottom of the screen.

4. Answer the screen prompts for the student to be added.

5. Click Submit.


Other Tabs

Habitual Absences – provides the attendance laws for the state of Louisiana.

Student Help – provides links to various curriculum websites.

DOE TOPS Website – provides links the Louisiana State Department of Education website and TOPS information.


Click the Logout button at the bottom of the screen to close the Student Progress Center.

For additional assistance, contact your child’s school.