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Students of the Month


  • Nahla Adams
  • Carter Bourg
  • Khloe Bourgeois
  • Brooke Brown
  • Azelia Clement
  • Jai Lobos


  • Joseph Boudreaux
  • Lyric Landry
  • Serenity Randle
  • Delani Urps
  • Keondre Winslow


  • Brianna Dumond
  • Kaden Guidry
  • Abagaile Morris
  • Allison Velasquez
  • Talaya White


  • Travonne Jones
  • Kyra Parfait
  • Laya Yanez
  • Jaeshon Diggs
  • Aidyn Hyde


  • Elena Garcia
  • Landon Morel
  • Jamari Smith
  • Netdraionna Rounds
  • Kamari Brown


  • Gavin Williams
  • Landri Bourque
  • Adeline Harwell
  • Arly Guerrero
  • Byron Peters


  • Wyatt Sawyer
  • Akhiren Scott
  • Niomi Bergeron
  • Tate Guidry
  • Tymara Moore


  • Jermiah Peters
  • Alex Pelegrin
  • Fabiola Fuentes
  • Michelle Stokes
  • Amyra Fitch


  • Dylan Pate
  • Dayton Pye
  • Brennan Kreamer
  • Joshua Kreamer
  • Omori Ross


  • Trayden Zeno
  • Mariyah Ledet
  • Talaysia Starks
  • Mayson Hawkes

Second Grade

Second Grade Goals | 2017-18

At the end of the 2017-2018 school year…

  • 65% of second graders will reach a score of 87 words correct for DIBELS ORF using DIBELS Next 2nd Grade EOY Benchmark Assessments.
  • 70% of second graders will score 80% composite (based on the average percent of each part) on District EOY Math Assessment Part 1 - timed fluency and Part 2 - district-created assessment on Grade 2 priority content.

Grade Level News

A new Nine Weeks, becomes a new start. Our students will continue to work hard at practicing and implementing their new skills and practices. Continuing to focus on reading and math fluency will build confidence and work toward independence. Please remember, fluency is not just about speed but accuracy. Reading for comprehension is just as important; please continue to read to them, with them, and have them read to you to build confidence and fluency. The following strategies can help strengthen reading or math skills:

  • Ask and Answer Questions - while reading, ask your children about the text 
    • "What is the main idea?", "Who is/are the main character(s)?", "What is the setting of the story?", "What is the author’s purpose?", “What is the moral or lesson or the story?”
    • Have students answer the questions using the question, i.e. "The main idea is...", "The main character(s) is/are...", "The setting of the story is/takes place at...", "The author’s purpose is...", “The moral/lesson of the story is...”
  • The 5 W's - Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why? Also ask How?
  • Math Fact fluency within 20, i.e. 12+6, 18-5, 16+3, 15-7
  • Create Flash Cards


Students have been working on these skills in bell ringers, daily lessons, homework, and assessments. Our assessments, as well as District Common Assessments (DCA), are directly aligned with the Louisiana Student Standards (LSS). 


Student are continuing to work on computer based assessments to meet their individual needs. These assessments include three STAR assessments, DIBELS benchmarking, and Smarty Ants. Students are tested, and progress is monitored throughout the year. The first set of results have already been sent home, as well as student Login information for students to build on skills at home. 


Thank you for continuing to encourage and support your children's academics progress. We look forward to continuing to work with your children and watching them grow and succeed!