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Students of the Month


  • Ken'Tory Mathews
  • Kasen Winslow
  • Trinity Bennett
  • Lance Mott


  • Jayceon Adams
  • Kimberlee Carrier
  • Isabella Boquet
  • Alya DeHart


  • Deanna Rounds
  • Jack Pellegrin
  • Addimar Guereque
  • Luis Manzur


  • Riley Coffman
  • Wyatt Shackleford
  • Mallyn Bowman
  • Danaysia Batiste


  • Jayceon Adams
  • Kentrell Barrow
  • Aiden Boudreaux
  • Jayquan Chenier


  • Makenzie Carter
  • Kharter Arabie
  • Delveore Nash
  • Adelynn Koch


  • Aiden Davis
  • Raven Bolden
  • Za'Coryn Wilson
  • Samaaj Lee


  • Damien Gros
  • Tyler Chaisson
  • Thomas Jericho Hingle
  • Chloe Sevin


Pre-K Goals

10 Reasons

Unit Newsletter
Pre-K Student Attendance

Once a child is enrolled in the Terrebonne Parish School District's Pre-K Program, he/she is subject to attendance laws. Attendance is posted and tracked daily. In addition, attendance of all prekindergarten students is also reported to the state.  The grant that funds the program requires that all Pre-K students be in attendance at least 74% of every given month, or funding for that student will be withheld.

Due to this strict guidance, the Terrebonne Parish School District is at liberty to drop students from the Prekindergarten Program when too many unexcused absences are accrued in a particular month.

The following guidelines must be followed for Prekindergarten attendance:

  1. A parent or doctor excuse must be sent every time your child is absent
  2. This excuse must be sent to school the day that your child returns to school

Excused absences are:

  1. Illness - parent and/or doctor excuse
  2. Death of a family member
  3. Extenuating Circumstance - approved by school principal

If no excuse is turned in, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. 1st unexcused absence - teacher contacts the parent
  2. 2nd unexcused absence - Parent/Teacher/Principal Conference
  3. 3rd unexcused absence - Parent/Teacher/Principal/Prekindergarten Coordinator Conference
  4. 4th unexcused absence - referred to Prekindergarten Supervisor
Louisiana Believes

Preparing for college and careers starts even before kindergarten.

Research shows that children who participate in a high quality early childhood program are more likely to enter school kindergarten ready, which has a lasting impact on their academic success.