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Third Grade

Grade Level Goals

By the end of the 2022-23 school year…

  • All students will meet or exceed individual growth rates for Composite Scores as measured by DIBELS 8.
  • All students will meet or exceed individual growth expectancy based on Standard Scores measured by the STAR MATH assessment.
LEAP 2025

LEAP 2025 will be administered in the spring in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

  • The ELA assessment will test the areas of literary text, informative text, vocabulary, written expression, and knowledge and use of writing conventions. 
  • The LEAP 2025 Math assessment will assess areas of major content, additional and supporting content for grade 3, expressing mathematical reasoning, and modeling and application.
  • The LEAP 2025 Social Studies assessment will be given to students in grade 3 as well. This assessment will test the areas of history, geography, economics, and civics as aligned to the Social Studies Louisiana Standards for Grade 3.
  • The newly developed LEAP 2025 Science assessment will assess a student’s understanding of the grade 3 LSS for Science, reflecting the multiple dimensions of the standards
Parent Guide to the LEAP 2025 Tests

The LDOE developed  the Parent Guide to the 2025 LEAP Tests to support parents in helping their child prepare for this year’s assessments. The guide, available in the Family Support Toolbox, includes helpful information on test schedules, testing times and resources such as practice tests and released test items to support student learning at home.

Terrific Kids

A student from each homeroom is selected to represent their class as the “Terrific Kid”.  These students display the following characteristics thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, influential, friendly, impeccable, and caring.   Students are recognized by the Kiwanis Club of Houma at a special awards program held at school at the end of each nine weeks.

Grade Level News


In math we are finishing up with module 3. In module 3 we worked on multiplication and division facts. The students learned strategies to help them multiply and divide easily. We also learned patterns using input and output functions. The students truly enjoyed using the input and output functions because it was like a mind puzzle.

We will be moving on to Module 4 on January 17. The new module will be concentrating on determining area. This module will only cover 12 lessons. So, parents be looking for the new Apply book for homework. Your child has homework in math every night except on the days we take a test. Students are expected to return homework completed for the week on Friday.

The District Common Assessment will cover material from module 3 and 4 combined.



Throughout the third nine weeks, students will read Louisiana Purchase (Ready-for-Chapters) by Peter and Connie Roop and related texts to explore the question how can making deals benefit people in different ways? They will also express their understanding by forming an opinion about who benefitted the most from the Louisiana Purchase and supporting their opinion with text evidence. Students will read about how the United States acquired the Louisiana Territory and the social and economic impact that was experienced by different groups of people.

Social Science:

In the third 9 weeks, third grade Social Studies will learn about how Louisiana became a state, and all about the Louisiana Purchase.  We will delve into the historical figures that shaped our nation; such as, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon. 

In third grade Science for the third 9 weeks, we will return to Life Structures.  We will develop models to describe organisms’ unique and diverse life cycles.  We will also be observing live crawfish in our class aquarium.