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School Wide Expectations

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Practice Respect

Accept Responsibility

Work Together

Safety Matters

Conduct Rewards

August: Dress Down

September: Dress Up in Sunday Best

October: Extra Recess / Snack Sack

November: Team Spirit Day

January: Stuffed Animal Day

February: Extra Recess / Snack Sack

March: Bright Day (80's-style)

April: Dress Up in Sunday Best


1st Nine Weeks: HLB Pep Rally

2nd Nine Weeks: Pajama Jam

3rd Nine Weeks: PBIS Booster Session


1st Semester: Pajama, Movie & Snack Day

2nd Semester: Bowling | May, 2020

Homework Tips

Help your child with time  management by setting a time each day for doing homework.

Be positive about homework.  Your attitude about school and homework will be the attitude your child acquires.

PBIS Activities / Cub Cash

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) cover a sweeping set of principles that can help schools guide students toward positive behavior and improved discipline. Rather than focusing on changing the student, PBIS encourages students to change themselves by guiding them with environmental change and teaching consequences. 

Daily Conduct Rewards

Throughout the day, the students can earn “Cub Cash” by any faculty member for exhibiting characteristics of PAWS. (Pre-K may be on a different day as it fits into their schedule) Students can redeem their Cub Cash for privileges/tangible rewards every Monday during circle time. Cub Cash should be kept at school in the classroom.

Bus of Winners

Students are recognized by the bus drivers daily for following all P.A.W.S. bus expectations. Students receive a certificate from the driver.

Weekly Conduct Reward

Students who receive all A’s or B’s in conduct and have no unexcused tardies or absences for the week (Monday-Friday) will be rewarded with a dress down day on the following Monday.

Monthly Conduct Reward

Once a month students who have weekly averages of A or B during the month, with no daily averages of D’s or F’s, have not received an office referral for the month, and have no unexcused tardies or absences for the month. will be rewarded with a special treat. Monthly incentives will be posted on the PBIS bulletin board in the main hallway and throughout the school. 

9 Weeks Conduct Rewards

Four times a year at the conclusion of each nine weeks grading period- Students who have maintained a weekly average of A or B in conduct for the nine weeks grading period, without a D or F daily conduct grade for any given day, have not received a bus/office referral, have no unexcused tardies or absences during the nine weeks grading period will be rewarded with a conduct reward. Event details will be decided on each 9 weeks by the PBIS committee.

"A" Conduct Reward / Semester

Twice a year – At the end of each semester -Fall semester (December)/ Spring semester (May), students who maintained a weekly conduct average of A for each week of the semester will be invited to attend a special “A” conduct event. 

Individual Classroom Rewards

Classrooms may create their own acknowledgement systems to compliment the school wide systems with approval from the administration.

Student of the Month

Each class will determine one student to represent their class as student of the month. Student names will be posted on the parent newsletter each month. Students will receive a yard sign to be taken home.