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Medical Services

In case of emergency, school personnel will not hesitate to solicit the service of emergency medical units.  School personnel are authorized to utilize these services when deemed in the best interest of the students.  Parents are encouraged to provide the school with accurate and up-to-date emergency numbers.

Administration of Medication

According to the State Law, employees shall not administer medication to pupils in the public schools of the parish except when special circumstances exist for a health problem that can be expected to be of long duration.  When such special circumstances exist, employees are authorized to administer medication according to the following regulations:

  1. Written order from a physician detailing the name of drug, dosage, and time interval medication is to be taken.
  2. Written request and permission from the parent or guardian of the students requesting the school district to comply with the physician order.
  3. In order for your child to receive medication at school, you must submit the completed medication forms (Parent Packet) and medication with proper pharmacy label.  Medication will not be administered to any student before a meeting with one of the General Health Nurses.
  4. School medication order will be limited to medication that cannot be administered before or after school hours.  Only oral, pre-measured inhalant, topical ointment for diaper rash, and emergency medication will be administered at school.  Medications for pain, antibiotics, or any medication for a short-term conditions will not be administered at school.
  5. Medication must be brought to the school office by the parent in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.