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The Terrebonne Parish School Board shall offer full-day kindergarten instruction to each eligible child and require every child entering kindergarten for the first time be given a valid and reliable readiness assessment. The results of this assessment shall be used for measuring student readiness for kindergarten and for planning instruction.


All Kindergarteners are using an aligned curriculum in each subject area to ensure that they are learning the Louisiana State Standards. The following curriculum are used:

  • Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is a research-based, comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA) program that integrates reading, language, writing, speaking, and listening and encompasses the five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension).
  • Eureka Math is used for mathematics
  • Amplify Science is used for science
Grade Level Goals

By the end of the 2022-23 school year…

  • All students will meet or exceed individual growth rates for Composite Scores as measured by DIBELS 8.
  • All students will increase math fact fluency by 4 digits each month and/or maintain Math Fact Proficiency.
Grade Level News

At this time, all of the letters have been taught. Please be sure to continue going over the names and the sounds daily if your child has not yet mastered this skill. Math fluency information will be going home soon.


  • Consonant Blends
  • Diagraphs
  • Tricky Words: one, three, two, the, a, blue, yellow, look, I, are, little, out, of, funny, all, up, down
  • Printing lowercase letters

ELA KNOWLEDGE/Social Science

  • Kings and Queens
  • Seasons and Weather
  • Columbus and the Pilgrims


  • Identifying coins and their values
  • Fluently adding and subtracting within 5
  • Solving addition and subtraction word problems
  • Decomposing numbers using number bonds


It is to your child’s benefit that you work with your child nightly on letter identification, letter sounds, number identification, high frequency words, and in writing their first and last name as well as sentence structure.  Together we can ensure that your child will have a successful year!  Your child’s education is essential to his/her future!  Thank you for your continued support!