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K Goals


The Terrebonne Parish School Board shall offer full-day kindergarten instruction to each eligible child and require every child entering kindergarten for the first time be given a valid and reliable readiness assessment. The results of this assessment shall be used for measuring student readiness for kindergarten and for planning instruction.


Grade Level News

ELA: We will continue writing first and last names, and simple sentences using sight words. We will also be focusing on the following skills:

Letters: Ee, Jj, Ww, Xx, Uu, Vv, Zz,

Sight Words:  I, am, in, on, help, the, a, little, play, can, blue, red, to, up, my, have, is, are, us, look, this, we, like, run, eat, he, for, not, it, this, as, one, two, we, see, you, to , away, go, three, the, me, with, get, new, run, she, into, yellow, look, good, big, he, for, me, are, and, little, funny, all, up, down, in, out, of, from, was, eat, now, say, who, find, well, at, that, be, so, but, four, ate, did, will

CKLA: diagraphs and blends (sl, sm, tr, st, ch, th, etc.)

          Double letters (-ss, -ll, -ck)

          Rhyming words


Math: We will be decomposing numbers using a variety of strategies.

          We are also working on addition and subtraction fluency.


Social Science Themes: Weather, Louisiana, Community Helpers


What’s Happening in K: The children will be assessed on sight words next week for the 3rd nine weeks test.  If your child still has not mastered the first six lists, please continue to work at home using the flashcards. We have several students who have already mastered all of the kindergarten sight words! Way to go! 

The children are also being timed daily on addition and subtraction fluency within five. In order to be proficient, they need to master 15/20 of the problems within 90 seconds.



It is to your child’s benefit that you work with your child nightly on letter identification, letter sounds, number identification, high frequency words, and in writing their first and last name as well as sentence structure.  Together we can ensure that your child will have a successful year!  Your child’s education is essential to their future!  Again, thank you for your continued support!