Schriever Elementary School

Supervisor of Transportation

Devlin Aubert

TPSD Bus Garage

St. Charles Street

Houma, LA  70360


Bus Expectations

Managing student behavior while driving a bus is challenging. Students are given continuous opportunities to learn and practice bus expectations. Bus rules and procedures are taught at the beginning of the school year and are reinforced regularly by the classroom teachers. Bus drivers reinforce bus rules and bus safety by giving the "Bus of Winners" certificates daily to those students following the rules. They also give specific feedback to students also.


It is important to remember to practice bus safety. When getting on the bus, wait until the bus has completely stopped before walking toward the bus. It is important to sit in the assigned seat that the bus driver has assigned. While the bus is moving, students should be sitting in the assigned seat keeping hands, feet, and objects to self and out of the aisles.


Please remind your children to follow all bus safety rules and procedures.

Bus Routes

All requests to change a child's bus or mode of transportation must be made in writing by the parent or legal guardian.  Phone requests will NOT be accepted.

2017-18 Bus Routes

Revised 08/15/17


  • 069B AM & PM; 7:15 AM; Andry, Audubon, Beham, Broadway, Calumet, Colonial, Cortez, Darolina, Duplantis, Elmira, Erica, Ervin, Hausley, Himalaya, Jolie Oaks, Louisiana, Oakley, Percy Brown, Talbot, Taylor Trailer Park, Park (300s)
  • 070B AM Only; 7:10 AM; Acadian Villa, Alfred Harris, Darden, Gloria, Gwen, Jada, Johnson Ridge, Kay-etta, Livas Ln, Louisa, Moon, Redmond, Rosemarie, Small, West Main (600’s), Park (500s). PM students ride Bus 23
  • 150B AM Only; 7:20 AM; Ashburn, Babin, Bubby, Destiny, Destrahan, East Ellendale Estates Drive, Elsewhere, Highway 311 (518-3292), Ingram, Joshua Reed, Levytown, Oak Alley, Octavia, Oliver, Savanne (2020-2042), Tyler Christian. PM students ride bus 295
  • 182B PM Only Alfred Harris, Gloria, Gwen, Johnson Ridge, Livas Ln, Moon, Redmond, Rosemarie, Park (500’s). AM students ride bus 97
  • 217B AM & PM; 7:10 AM; Bayou Woods, Butcher, Carmalite, Clara, Clausen, Dollie, Dylan Ray, Hedgeford, Helen Park, Helen, Highway 24 (204-302), Hunter, Irene, Jda Ct, Justine, Larue, Marguerite, Merge Lane (204-302), Merian, Nedra, North Stella, Picou, Roseland, Sandy, Theresa, Tiffany,West Main (1500-2196), West Park (2165-3009)
  • 254B AM & PM; 7:10 AM; Blanchard, Blessing, Brown, Chris, Eureka, Fairlane, Gaidry, Gray, Harmony, Indian, Merlin, Nobility, North Terrebonne, Pacific, Praise, Victory, Main (3070-4200)
  • 273B AM & PM; 7:25 AM; Highway 20 (119-600), Mulberry, Palmetto, Patrick, Vine
  • 274B AM & PM; 7:20 AM; Champion (300-500s), Family, LeRoux, Lilac, Mini, Mobile Estates (300’s – To End), Sabrina
  • 295B PM Only; Highway 311 (518-3292), Babin, Elsewhere, Ingram, Levytown, Oak Allley, Octavia, Olivier
  • 345B AM & PM; 7:25 AM; Al’s Trailer Park, Becks Ct., Brown, Burrell, Highway 311 (100-445), L & M Ct, Miller, Red, Sheila, Sparks, Tropical, Tucker, Main (2500-2939)
  • 355B AM & PM; 7:10 AM; Back Project Rd (400-500s), Blakefield, BWR Ct, Elton John, Fayann, Glaze, Gros, Isle of Cuba (100-600’s), Katelyn, Lacey, Main Project (500-600s), Nedra, Nock, Patty’s Playhouse, Rodrigue, St. Bridget, Voclain
  • 357B AM & PM 7:15 AM; Broadway, Brunet, Bunny, Deer Run, Honeysuckle, Horseshoe Court & Road, Jenna, Main Project (100-499), Old Schriever Hwy, Perea, St. Anne, St. Julian, Waubon
  • 358B AM & PM 7:20 AM; Back Project Rd (100-399), Bull Run, Cow Run, Fence Row, Highway 20 (500-600s), Hingle, Joyce, Laura, Malcolm, Ringo Cocke, St. George (148- 530), Steer Run
  • 371B AM & PM; 7:15 AM; Linda Ann (4000 W. Park) to Bayou Blue Bridge (3200-3800 W. Park), Emeraldwood, End, Willowdale
  • 387B AM & PM; 7:20 AM; Champon (200’s), Mobile Estate (100’s – 200’s)
  • 389B AM & PM; 7:15 AM; Al Joseph, Albert, Allen, Ann, Clifton, Corey Elizabeth, Cortez, Ducros, Fieldcrest, Hue, John Edward, Nora T, North Main Project (100-200’s)