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Bell Schedule


7:40     Bus Arrival / Parent Drop-off
             All students in grades K-3 may go to breakfast before reporting to homeroom. Students are to go to the 
             bathroom and get water before they report to class.

7:58     Students report to class

8:00     Classes Begin
             Students arriving after bell are tardy.

9:30     Morning Meetings / Brain Break (Grades 1-3)

9:40     Brain Break ends / School-wide Reading Intervention Begins (Grades K-3)

10:10   School-wide Reading Intervention Ends

1:00     Snack Recess (Grades 2-3)

1:13     Warning Bell
             Students Freeze

1:15     Snack Recess ends

1:25     Snack Recess (Grades K-1)

1:38     Warning Bell
             Students Freeze

1:40     Snack Recess ends

2:57     Dismissal Begins
             1st load bus riders

3:00     Dismissal
             2nd and 3rd load bus riders followed by car riders