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Attendance Policy

By State Law (Bulletin 741), in order for an elementary student to receive grades, they must attend a minimum of 167 days. Therefore, elementary students cannot miss more than 10 unexcused days per year.

The ONLY exception to the above regulation is defined as “delineated extenuating circumstances” that must be verified by Child Welfare and Attendance.

Pre-K Student Attendance

Once a child is enrolled in the Terrebonne Parish School District's Pre-K Program, attendance is posted and tracked daily. In addition, attendance of all prekindergarten students is also reported to the state.  The grant that funds the program requires that all Pre-K students be in attendance at least 74% of every given month, or funding for that student will be withheld.

Due to this strict guidance, the Terrebonne Parish School District is at liberty to drop students from the Prekindergarten Program when too many unexcused absences are accrued in a particular month.

The following guidelines must be followed for Prekindergarten attendance:

  1. A parent or doctor excuse must be sent every time your child is absent
  2. This excuse must be sent to school the day that your child returns to school

Excused absences are:

  1. Illness - parent and/or doctor excuse
  2. Death of a family member
  3. Extenuating Circumstance - approved by school principal

If no excuse is turned in, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. 1st unexcused absence - teacher contacts the parent
  2. 2nd unexcused absence - Parent/Teacher/Principal Conference
  3. 3rd unexcused absence - Parent/Teacher/Principal/Prekindergarten Coordinator Conference
  4. 4th unexcused absence - referred to Prekindergarten Supervisor
Excused Absences

Students must be in school unless the absence has been excused for one of the reasons below. It is the responsibility of each student’s parent/guardian to explain the student’s absence to the school. Your child must have a written excuse every time they are absent. This allows the student to complete missed work.

Excused absences are those days missed for which the student presents a valid doctor’s excuse, a death in the family, or has other extenuating circumstances.

Reasons for Excused Absences include:

  • Extended personal physical or emotional illness in which a student is absent for three or more consecutive school days as verified by a physician or nurse practitioner licensed in the state
  • Extended hospital stay in which a student is absent for three or more consecutive school days as verified by a physician or dentist
  • Extended recuperation from an accident in which a student is absent for three or more consecutive school days as verified by a physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner licensed in the state
  • Extended contagious disease within a family in which a student is absent for three or more consecutive school days as verified by a physician or dentist licensed in the state
  • Observance of special and recognized holidays of the student’s own faith
  • Visitation with a parent who is a member of the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard and such parent has been called to duty or is on leave.  Excused absences in this situation shall not exceed five (5) schools days per school year.
  • Absences that are verified by the principal or designee as stated below:
    • Prior school system approved travel for education
    • Death in family (not to exceed one week)
    • Natural catastrophe and/or disaster

Students verified as meeting extenuating circumstances shall receive those grades upon completion of makeup work.

Should a student become ill at school, the office staff will notify the parents.  Arrangements must be made to pick up the student and sign them out for the day.


Written Excuses

For a student to be eligible to receive credit and make up work following an absence, the student shall be required in each instance to submit parental confirmation of the reasons for the absence. If a student is tardy or absent, the parent or guardian must submit a written excuse, signed and dated, to school authorities upon the student's return to classes, stating the reason for the student's absence from school. A doctor's, dentist’s, or nurse practitioner’s written statement of student's incapacity to attend school shall be required for those absences for three (3) or more consecutive days due to illness, contagious illness in a family, hospitalization, or accidents. All excuses for a student's absence, including medical verification of extended personal illness, must be presented within five (5) school days of the student's return to school, or the student's absence shall be considered unexcused and the student not allowed to make up work missed.

Students have FIVE (5) days to present a written excuse.  If a student does not present a written excuse, ALL WORK MISSED SHOULD RECEIVE A FAILING GRADE.  That includes all tests, class work, and homework assignments. 

Procedures for Make-Up Work
  1. Present written documentation with the reason for the absence to school officials within two days of returning to school.

  2. Arrangements must be made with the teacher on the first day of return to school. Missed work must be completed within three (3) days of return to school.  Extended periods of absence will be handled on an individual basis.  Work not made up will result in an automatic “F”.

  3. Whenever a student is absent from school, parents may request that student assignments are collected and ready for pick up at the end of the day. These requests can be honored only if it is made prior to noon on the day the student is absent.

Absences Due to Suspensions

Suspensions are non-exempted absences for which a student is allowed to make up his/her work and is eligible for consideration for credit provided it is completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner.  The absence shall be considered when determining whether or not a student may or may not be promoted, but shall not be considered for purposes of truancy.  Students absent from school as a result of any suspension shall be counted as absent.

A student under suspension or expulsion is not allowed on any school campus without permission of the principal, nor can he/she attend or participate in any school-sponsored activity/function, including graduation, or extracurricular activity on or off the school campus.

Tardiness / Truancy

School begins at 8:00.  Any student arriving after the bell must sign in with his/her parent or guardian in the office.

The parent shall enforce the attendance of their student to school.  The principal shall notify the parent and hold a parent conference upon a student's third (3rd) unexcused absence/tardy to school. 

Any student in grades Pre-K through 4th shall be considered habitually absent/tardy after the fifth (5th) unexcused occurrence within any school semester.

The parent of any student who is considered habitually absent/tardy shall be in violation of the school attendance laws.  Students who exceed five days unexcused absence or unexcused occurrence of being tardy to include early sign-outs by parents within any school semester or as deemed eligible for referral by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, and who do not provide a valid excuse according to those listed above, may be referred to Truancy Court. 

The principal will enforce the tardy discipline policy and in addition may report students who are habitually absent or tardy to the Office of Child Welfare to refer the case to the District Attorney or Family Court.

A student shall be considered tardy to class when student is not in the classroom when the bell to begin class ceases.  The term "tardy" shall include leaving or checking-out of school unexcused prior to dismissal time.  Students who are tardy to school must get clearance from the office prior to reporting to class.