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Arrival & Departure


We encourage all students to ride the bus, but if for some reason your child needs to be brought to school, remember children cannot be dropped off until the bell rings at 7:40am.  This is for your child's safety, as there are no adults on duty to supervise.   

The drop off point for students in grades PK-3 in the morning is the driveway from Highway 24 (West Main Street), letting students out near the library.  

After the student has exited the car, you should drive out the back driveway by the cemetery. 

It is very hectic in the mornings with car and bus traffic, so we ask that you be prudent in following these procedures. 

Afternoon Pick-Up

This procedure is similar to morning drop off.  Cars are to line up along Hwy. 24.  All children (Pre-K, K-3) will be escorted to the cars by staff members.  Parents are not allowed to walk and pick up a child from the designated pick up area.  This causes a problem for students and parents walking in front of cars and buses. 

Please have your child's name displayed in the front window to expedite departure.

All requests to change a child's bus or mode of transportation must be made in writing by the parent or legal guardian.  Phone requests will NOT be accepted.

Drop Off